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The beggining of a new story for Lewis Dunk and Leeds Utd









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Launch FM18, my pursuit for glory begins.Start out as the brazilian team Vasco da Gama manager.Academy only challenge at Vasco.Five years, four league and two cup trophies later, I resign from the job.Thanks for the memories, Hugo Borges.After the success I achieved there, I hoped my CV would be enough to apply for a job at a big european team.Tried Milan, failed. Tried nearly relegated Everton, failed. Really?!Bring Leeds Utd back to the top tier, you say? Alrighty.Leeds sign me up. Three games left this season. One win, one loss, one draw. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.Everton relegated. HA. See you next season.Leeds Utd finishes the 2021/22 season sitting at the 9th place.2022/23 season. I need to improve my squad.After scouting several CBs, I create a shortlist for the ones that caught my eye.Lewis Dunk is among those. He's transfer listed by PRM side Stoke City.I send the bags of money. Stoke accepts. The bastard refuses to even parlay.Got Milos Veljkovic and Reece Burke instead.Fast-forward six months, I'm sitting 2nd on the Championship.Milos and Reece, the greedy fucks, demand that I accept bids from West Ham and Wolves, respectively.Bye, you shits.Back to my ex, Lewis Dunk.Still transfer listed, huh? And depressed? I'm here for you, my boi.Contract talks held.27th january, he joins me.28th january, FA Cup 4th round against Liverpool.Fuck.I place Lewis Dunk on the bench. He's better than Jack Whatmough, but he just arrived. Let's not rush him in.Liverpool scores at the 4th minute. 0-1Jack picks up an injury and is subbed off at the 15th minute.Looks like everything had been preplanned for you to shine, Dunk.He's in. My promising winger Mercier (regen) scores. 1-1.We're defending solidly. Liverpool is putting pressure on us but we're taking it like a champ.My promising striker Kel Rogers turns the table. 2-1.Liverpool is PISSED. They're putting us against the ropes.75th minute. My left winger Svendsen takes the corner at the first post.You guessed it. Lewis fuckin Dunk it.We still manage to grab another goal at 88th and concede a second at the 95th minute. 4-2.Lewis Dunk MotM on his debut.Championship side Leeds Utd beat Champions League side Liverpool, with the HUGE collaboration from a player who had once dismissed Leeds to play at Stoke U23 team for six months.I fuckin love this game.


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